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Dated: 7-May-2013

Mr. Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Senior Puisne Judge / Chairman Organizing Committee

My brother Judges

Officers of the Supreme Court, Law and Justice Commission

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Indeed it is a matter of great pleasure to be here amongst you at the certificate awarding ceremony to acknowledge the services rendered by the officers in organizing the International Judicial Conference 2013. Frankly speaking, organizing such a mega event is not an easy task and requires special capabilities, hardworking and most importantly the commitment. I am grateful to Organizing Committee and particularly my brother Judge Mr. Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani who personally supervised the arrangements of the Conference and guided to make the event successful and glorious.

Holding of Judicial Conference has now become a regular annual judicial event. The idea behind organizing these Conferences is to involve all the stakeholders of the justice sector to share their experiences, knowledge and difficulties on critical issues and devise strategies through interactive deliberations to confront emerging challenges.

The theme of International Judicial Conference 2013 was “No Virtue is Greater than Justice” justice represents moral rectitude and fairness and can only be achieved when we are determined to apply it in every field of individual and collective life.  The Holy Quran considers justice to be a supreme virtue. The real source of justice and fairness in Islam is the Almighty Allah and His Commandments and it is only for man to administer the same dutifully and properly.

Perfect justice would thus appear to be a virtue not only because it is fair, but because it results in a more peaceful and harmonious society. Justice is the secret of the existence of nations and the symbol of virtues, the great powers collapsed and the glorious civilizations reduced to rubble due to seizure of rights and injustices.

In the International Judicial Conference, we had guests from around the world which included Chief Justices, Judges of the Superior Courts and luminaries in law. Besides, we have more than one thousand national invitees representing Judiciary, Bar and Academia. You will realize that facilitating such a gathering is not an easy task. Soon after, full Court’s decision to hold International Judicial Conference, the Secretariat of Law and Justice Commission under the guidance of Organizing Committee started arrangements to make the event successful, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of officers of the Supreme Court and Law and Justice Commission who literally burnt the mid night oil to make the Conference memorable.

At this moment, I would also like to acknowledge the services of young officers of the Federal Government as Conducting Officers and children who sang the Judicial Anthem wonderfully and made the event memorable.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You will agree that the desired objectives of any event can only be achieved when it is properly recorded and reported. I would like to extend my gratitude to the team of talented young professionals who offered their gratis services to make the International Judicial Conference a success. Their commitment was admirable and appreciable.

I would also acknowledge the cooperation extended to us by the print and electronic media in covering the event and taking the message of the Conference to the people. At the end, once again I pay my sincere gratitude to all those who in different capacities rendered services during the Conference to make it successful.  

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