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Dated: 27-May-2013

The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took Notice on application of Mr. Hammad Azeem R/o Lahore, registered through Human Rights Cell of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad . He stated in his application that his wife has been abducted. FIR has been registered but she has not yet been recovered. He requested for recovery of his wife.

Taking the cognizance, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered that:

“IGP, Punjab be directed to cause recovery of the abducted wife of the applicant and produce her before District & Sessions Judge, concerned for recording of her statement and report of District & Sessions Judge and PPO Punjab, shall reach to this Court within 15 days.”

Complying with the above directions, District & Sessions Judge Lahore submitted his report that:

“The statement of alleged abductee has been recorded in which she stated that case was registered due to some misunderstanding and she was not abducted by her parents or any one else and she did not want any action against her parents. She wanted to go to the house of her husband.

The statement of applicant was also recorded and he stated that he does not want action against any one in the case got registered by him.

The alleged abductee showed danger to her life at the hands of people of her “Bradari”. SHO and SI have been directed to provide necessary protection to both the applicant and his wife/alleged abductee.”
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