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Dated: 8-July-2013

All the provinces and District Collector, Islamabad submitted their reports in the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding the computerization of the revenue records. It is pertinent to mention here that the action was taken by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on a news item appeared in Daily Nawa-e-Waqat, Rawalpindi dated 23-06-2009 regarding the highhandedness and irregularities of Patwaris of Revenue Department.

 Taking the cognizance of the news item the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry inquired from the Revenue Departments of all the Provinces as to whether there is any system to check the corruption in Revenue Departments.


Complying with the above directions, the reports were submitted by the relevant authorities and the case was fixed in the Court, notices were issued to Advocates General of the provinces. The Hon’ble three member Bench headed by Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, directed all the provinces vide order dated 17.11.2009 to prepare comprehensive methodologies to save the general public from fraud in respect of their respective lands and residential properties.

Again, the case was heard on 15.06.2010 and the Bench passed the following order:-

The Chief Secretaries of all the Provincial Governments are well aware of the irregularities and illegalities occurring in Revenue records, which have surfaced of & on, therefore, we are of the opinion that there is only one solution that the land record should be computerized as, perhaps, it has been done in the Province of the Punjab. On account of illegalities and irregularities of the Revenue Department, there are serious allegations of corruption and on account of same, litigation has also increased in the Courts and people have to run from pillar to post for determination of their rights, therefore, we are of the opinion that no sooner the land record is preserved by computerizing the same, the chances of committing illegalities and irregularities in respect of ownership and tenancy etc. vis-à-vis the immovable properties including houses, agricultural land etc. could be minimized. The Chief Secretaries are directed to prepare a comprehensive plan in this behalf and submit it before this Court within three months because it is the fundamental right of every citizen that their properties should be protected in terms of Article 9 of the Constitution. For the purpose of submitting the report, Senior Members of the Board of Revenue shall be deputed to appear before the Court who would submit the statement in respect of the steps taken in this behalf.

The Court also issued notice to Chairman NADRA as to weather it can extend help to the provincial Governments in completion of computerization of record. In pursuance of the directions of the Court, all the provincial Governments submitted the reports:-

The Government of Balochistan submitted its report that:-

“i.         PC-I for establishment for the Project Management Unit (PMU) has been prepared and submitted to P & D Department for approval and released of funds;

ii.                  In the meanwhile, the Punjab Government has been asked to provide developed application of LRMIS Software;

iii.                All the Divisional Commissioners have been asked to identify Land for establishment/construction of Service Centre;

iv.                Correspondence has been made with C&W Department for preparation of design/estimates for the construction of Service Centre; and

v.                  All the Divisional commissioners have been asked to provide date of Registered Land with owners’ name/patidaran.

The Government of KPK submitted its report that:-

“Linkages of data for three villages have been completed and the company is to test the linked software in the next week for online provision of revenue documents. He has added that on the successful completion of this test further progress shall be made in other Districts on the same lines.”

The Government of Punjab submitted its report that:-

“The Provincial Government has also established five centers at Pindi Bhattian; Hafizabad; Kasur; Lahore Saddar; and Lodhran, respectively where automatic/computerization services are being provided to the general public in respect of their shares and mutations in the immovable properties and that all data of said Districts are available on the website, opened by the Punjab Government. Similarly out of 37 districts, contract of 24 districts have already been granted where work has commenced for the computerization of lands and in respect of the remaining districts request is being made to the World Bank, as this project belongs to them, for the purposes of allocation of more funds.”

The Government of Sindh submitted its report that :-

A.                “Approval of PC-I of Project

Revised PC-I which was made in consultation with NADRA team has been approved in the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWD) meeting held on 24.11.2011.


B.                Approval of summary by chief minister

Summary to Chief Minister Sindh floated for approval of revised scheme and sanction of funds was approved on 30th December, 2011.


C.                Notification of mandatory committees as per law

Following committees have been constituted under SPP Rules, 2010:

(i)                 Advisory Committee

(ii)               Technical Committee

(iii)             Consultant Selection Committee

(iv)             Procurement Committee

(v)               Complaint Redressal Committee


D.                Administrative approval issued

i)                    Advise was issued from P&D Department for issuance of Administrative approval and expenditure sanction in consultation with Finance Department, vide office Memorandum No. SO(DEV)-PDWP-9/210-P&D/2011, dated 14th January 2012.

ii)                  Administrative approval in triplicate duly signed by the Senior Member, Board of Revenue, Sindh for a total cost of Rs. 4305.76 millions in respect of revised scheme of LARMIS (Copy of administrative approval annexed as “D-(ii)”) was submitted to Secretary Finance for authentication and return vide letter No. 02-03-10-PMU/BOR/626/2011, dated 17.01.2012 (copy of letter annexed as “D-(iii)” and is being processed by Finance Department, Government of Sindh for release of funds.


E.                 Initiation of procurement process

Procurement process is being carried out and following milestones have been achieved:

(i)                 Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy services for development of LARMIS software was sent for publication to Information Department vide letter No. 13-05-10-PMU/BOR/593, dated 26.12.2011.

(ii)               Advertisement was published in the daily Dawn and Kawish dated 30.12.2011 and 29.12.2011.

(iii)             17 firms collected Terms of Reference (TORs) for the consultancy while 13 firms have submitted their EOIs by 19th of January, 2012.

(iv)             Expression of Interest (EOI) for third party validation software audit for LARMIS was also sent for publication to Information department vide letter No. 13-05-10PMU/BOR/618, dated 11.01.2012.

(v)               Advertisement was published in the daily Dawn and Kawish dated 17th January, 2012.

(vi)             02 firms have collected Terms of Reference (TORs)

(vii)           Expression of Interest (Eol) for Legal Consultancy under LARMIS also sent for publication to Information department vide letter No. 13-05-10-PMU/BOR/619, dated 11.01.2012.

(viii)         Advertisement was published in the daily Dawn dated 18th January 2012.


F.                 Hiring of technical staff for PMU underway.

(i)                 Selection Committees for appointment of Project Staff BS-16 and above has been notified (copy is annexed as F-(i)).

(ii)               Advertisement for calling applications from candidates has also been sent for publication in press vide letter No. 13-06-10-PMU/BOR/623, dated 16.01.2012. (copy is annexed as “F-ii”).


G.                Sensitization of all relevant departments.

The Senior member, Board of Revenue, Sindh has directed all the relevant departments to extends full cooperation to expedite the computerization process as per directives of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, vide letter No. PS/SMBR/BOR/2012/25, dated 14.01.2012.”

NADRA submitted to provide services to provincial governments to identify transferor and transferee/owner. On 10.04.2013 all the provinces submitted their progress reports. The province of Sindh submitted that digitalization of entire land revenue map at mouza level number of which comes to 6000 mouza. 9 firms have been engaged to computerize the settled land record and are likely to complete the data entry process in the month of August as presently 1000 Data Entry Operators are working on the computerizations of the same. 27 Districts of the Province of Sindh shall be computerized.

 The Government of Punjab submitted that the record of the settled land has already been completed. Data entry of all the 36 Districts has already been commenced and at present the land of about 12400 mouza has been entered into the database and at present the Revenue Department has opened 35 Centres in the different Tehsils, which are providing services to the owners of the land by issuing fard etc.

The Government of Balochistan submitted no progress. Therefore, Chief Secretary was directed to expedite the process in the Province of Balochistan as early as could be possible.

 The Government of KPK has informed that the process of the computerization of land record has already been commenced and record of three Districts has been entered into database and in respect of remaining seven Districts steps are being taken to complete the same as early as could be possible.

Moreover, the case was heard on 17.06.2013 and was adjourned to date in office after a month. District Collector, Islamabad Capital Territory was directed to prepare and submit a comprehensive report in this regard.

In compliance with the above direction, District Collector, Islamabad Capital Territory submitted a report that:-

“The record of total 112 Revenue Estates of District Islamabad is to be computerized through the project titled “Establishment of Land Revenue Records Management Information System in the Rural Areas of ICT, Islamabad” and made available to the general public through kiosks to be established at three service centres. Although EGD was provided with the record of 23 revenue estates after the beginning of the project, however, no significant progress was made in this regard. During regular progress review meetings held with Ministry of IT & T and EGD,it was observed that EGD does not have the capacity to complete this project, within stipulated timeframe given its current capacity. No staff has been currently deputed on this project from EGD for more than one and a half year now, hence all the activities stood stalled. A team of ICT Administration on the direction of the Deputy Commissioner and Chief Commissioner, ICT has initiated consultation with PMU Board of Revenue, Punjab as they have made significant progress regarding Computerization of Land Revenue Record. Since the software vendor in both Punjab and Islamabad is the same, the project implementation has been commenced on the same model. Regular monitoring is being carried out for early completion of project. The activities are being expedited. Two service centres have been constructed in Barakahu and Tarlai, however, EDG has been asked to make them functional through hiring of requisite staff and installation of required equipments to provide facility to the Public. It is expected that first Mouza shall be made available through computerized system in the month of August after completion of scanning, data entry, data verification, and deployment of the system. Furthermore, Project Director, EDG has been asked to furnish a revised, detailed project plan to identify key milestones and overall completion timeframe. Presently, the progress of the status includes 95,000/- pages scanning till 26.6.2013. The Mouza wise scanning of documents is attached that depicts the masavi, taghayar, Girdawari, fard badar, mutation, field book, and Register Haqdaran-e-Zameen. The vendor Accountancy, Outsourcing Services has further committed to submit the digital copy of complete data entry with regard to Mouza Jandala and Sihali on 27.6.2013 and upon its verification by the Revenue Department, ICT, it is envisaged that these two Mouzas will be launched at relevant kiosks by 14.8.2013.


It is further submitted that the introduction of the complete digitized data at the kiosk is conditional upon amendments in Land Revenue Laws to be finalized by the legislature and hiring of staff for smooth functioning of the kiosk/service centre by the Electronic Government Department. The draft amendments in relevant laws have already been submitted to the Government and process for hiring the staff has been initiated by the EGD.


The entire Revenue Record would be computerized upto 30.6.2014.”

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