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Dated: 8-September-2013

Learned Chief Justice, Federal Shariat Court 
Learned Chief Justices of the High Courts,
Learned Attorney General for Pakistan
Secretary, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
Chairperson, National Commission on Status of Women and
Mr. Abid Hassan Minto, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan
I welcome you all to the meeting of Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, particularly Mr. Justice (R) Ghulam Rabbani who is attending this meeting for the first time after his appointment as a Member of the Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan. I hope that his association would be beneficial for the Commission.
I also welcome to Learned Chief Justice of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Learned Chief Judge, Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit Baltistan, Learned Chief Justice High Court of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Learned Chief Judge, Chief Court of Gilgit Baltistan for sparing time and travelling all along from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan to attend this meeting.
A strong judicial system ensures upholding of rights of the people through fair application of laws. We are in evolutionary period where with each passing day our judicial system is confronted with new challenges of changing social values. Our existing procedural laws are old-fashioned incapable to respond various situations and expectations. The rapid expansion of internet, technological devices and change in social behaviour have raised new challenges which demand new legislations, modernization and simplification of existing laws to tackle these issues. Law reform is multi-dimensional subject as it involves reforms in the administration of justice as well as procedural changes in the laws to address the changing needs of the time. Reforms and innovation have never come the easy way, there is always opposition or reaction which is quite natural but societies which are able to debate and discuss contentious issues with a view to find solution thereto, will finally succeed.
In every society, litigation is on increase due to various factors, which keeps alive the challenge to find out ways and means for the expeditious dispensation of justice. Today’s justice system needs to be constantly updated to keep pace with the constant evolution of modern society and ensure substantial, inexpensive and speedy justice as enshrined in the Constitution.
The Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan has been mandated to keep under review, on systematic basis, the statutes and other laws of the country with a view to make recommendations to the Federal Government and Provincial Governments for improvement, modernization and reform thereof. The Commission also makes recommendations to the Government for reforms in the system of administration of justice to ensure inexpensive and expeditious dispensation of justice. The Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan has so far approved 126 Reports on law reforms and have submitted the same to the Government for implementation.
Today we are going to discuss various law reform proposals to address the changing needs of the society including far reaching impact on the litigant public being the mandate of the Commission.
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