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Dated: 11-October-2013

Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued contempt notice to Secretary Defence, Mr. Asif Yasin Malik in Criminal Original Petition NO. 119 of 2013 (Contempt proceedings against Mr. Asif Yasin Malik, Secretary, Ministry of Defence) arising out of Civil Misc. Application No. 5959 of 2013 in Constitution Petition No. 65 of 2009 Raja Rab Nawaz VS. Federation of Pakistan and others.

The text of the notice is as under:-
“Take notice that the Court while hearing Civil Misc. Application No. 5959/2013 (For extention of time in holding Elections in Cantonments) in Constitution Petition No. 65/2009 on 11.10.2013 (Copy enclosed), has been pleased to pass the following order:-
………….It is to be noted that repeatedly on two occasions despite making of commitments before this Court for holding the elections i.e. either on 05.05.2013 and 15.09.2013 prima facie the order/undertaking noted above, the order dated 02.07.2013 and the commitment earlier made, referred above in pursuance whereof elections process has to be completed by the 05.05.2013, has been disobeyed as a result whereof civil contempt within the definition of section 2 clause-a(ii) of the Contempt of Court Ordinance, 2003 read with clause 3 of Article 204 of the Constitution has been committed, therefore, notice of Contempt of Court be issued to Mr. Asif Yasin Malik, the incumbent Secretary, Defence to proceed against him according to the procedure laid down therein. He is allowed an opportunity of a preliminary hearing under sub-section 3 section 17 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance, 2003. Let Mr. Asif Yasin Malik, incumbent Secretary Defence put up his defence in terms of the law noted hereinbefore within the period of 10 days enabling this Court to proceed further in accordance with law on the next date of hearing……………."
Accordingly, the subject contempt petition has been registered against you as orders by this Court. You are, therefore, required to comply with the directions of the Court reproduced hereinabove within the stipulated period of time. The above cited case stands fixed for hearing before the Court on 25.10.2013 at Court House, Islamabad."
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