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Dated: 28-April-2014

Reference news items which appeared in different newspapers dated 27.04.2014 regarding the decisions of the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee (in its meeting held on 26.04.2014) with regard to a judicial officer joining the Executive Department. It is clarified: first that the Policy decision earlier taken of not sending judicial officers on deputation to executive departments has been reiterated in the meeting of the Committee held on 26.04.2014; second the decision to allow judicial officers to join other than judicial posts is confined only to the Law Division/Law Departments; third the moment a judicial officer is allowed to join the Law Division / Law Departments, he/she shall quit the judiciary and from then onwards he/she would not be a judicial officer; and fourth the permission to allow a judicial officer to quit judicial service and join the Law Division / Law Departments would only be granted by the Administration Committee of the respective High Court.

In view of the above, there is no reversal of the earlier decision and the principle of separation of judiciary from Executive continues to be adhered to.

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