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Dated: 30-April-2015

The General Elections 2013 Inquiry Commission held its hearing today, on 29-04-2015 and has been pleased to pass the following order:-

          “MQM, PTI, BNP, PMLP, MDM and PML(Q) have filed their replies to the questionnaire provided to all the parties on the last date. These would be considered at the appropriate state.


          The learned counsel representing the Election Commission of Pakistan undertakes to file reply to the application of the petitioner within two days.

          Allegations have been made against PPP (P) in the reply submitted to the questionnaire on behalf of the applicant i.e. Peoples Muslim League (Pakistan). Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan and Sradar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa, learned ASC state that they would respond to the allegations within two days. 

          In consultation with all the learned counsel representing the political parties it was decided that the political parties may examine their own witness on oath to bring on record appropriate documents and may provide list of witnesses that they wish the Commission to summon, along with brief statement of the purpose for which they are to be examined. The PTI shall provide list of the witnesses that they wish the Commission to summon by 02.05.2015, who shall be summoned for 1.00 p.m. on 06.05.2015. It shall produce its own witnesses at 11.30 a.m. on 05.05.2015.

          Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan states that they would not file any additional document or furnish a list of witnesses but would rely upon the documents produced by the PTI. The learned counsel pressed his application for reopening of the bags containing the election material of a proportion of the total number of the constituencies. The learned counsel may provide a list of such constituencies so that notices be issued to the returned candidates. To come up for further proceedings at 11.30 a.m. on 05.05.2015”.

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