Human Rights Cases of Abduction/Acid Victim/Constitution Petitions

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Remarks/Grievance Redressed



Acid Victim

Addl.AG Pb. DPO Layyah, Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Naqvi ASC, Ms.Voloria Khan Yousafzai, ASF with Ms. Naila Farhat (victim

Court of HCJ

The case was disposed of by this Court on 20.11.09 with appreciation of efforts to Acid Survival Foundation working in Pakistan of rehabilitation of such like victims.



“Wanni” customs Case

Raja Muhammad Ibrahim Satti, ASC, MA Zaidi AOR, PPO and AG, PB

Court of HCJ

Case was disposed by vide Court order dated 03.09.087 with the observation that Mst. Farkhanda is free to contract marriage on her own free will.



Abduction Matter



The said case was disposed of on 15.12.06 as abductee was recovered. Grievance redressed.



Abduction Matter

AG Pb,


The said case was disposed of on 30.10.07 as abductee was recovered. Grievance redressed.



Abduction Case



Case was disposed of vide order dated 22.8.07 as abductee was recovered. Grievance redressed. 






Case was disposed of on 16.11.06 by this Court as minor was recovered. Grievance redressed.


Const.P.70/2007 a/w Const.P.31/2005  

Abduction & Subsequent conversion of Hindu Girls to Islam

(Const. Petition No.31/2005) Filed by Mr. Arshad Ali Chaudhry, AOR on behalf of Supreme Court Bar Association through its Secretary.

(Const. Petition No.70/2007) Filed by M.A. Zaidi, AOR on behalf of Hindu Council.

(Const. Petition No.31/2005) Noticeto Attorney General for Pakistan & A.G. Sindh

(Const. Petition No.70/2007)

Notice to Attorney General for Pakistan & Secretary M/o Law.


Notices issued by the orders of the Court.

Constitution Petition No.31/2005 was registered by the order of HCJ on 12.12.2005 and subsequently was fixed before his lordship’s Bench on 13.12.2005, 16.12.2005, 24.02.2006 & lastly on 13.03.2006 when his lordship directed DCO as to whether it is possible to shift these girls from Edhi Centre Sohrab Ghoat to Edhi Center Clifton, where they may stay till further order.Thereafter it came up for hearing before the Court on 10.04.2006 and was disposed of in view of undertaking/guarantee and consent of the girls.


Constitution Petition No.70/2007 was registered by the order of HCJ on 07.10.2006 and subsequently was fixed before the Court on 27.11.2008 & notices were issued to Secretary M/o Law & Attorney General for Pakistan for a date in January, 2009. Thereafter it was transferred to Branch Registry, Karachi and was fixed before the Court on 29.01.2009 and order was passed, which is reproduced as under:-

“By means of this petition the petitioner (Pakistan Hindu Council) seeks a direction to the Government of Pakistan to promulgate a law thereby providing a punishment for conversion from one religion to another by use of force,allurement or by fraudulent means.

It seems appropriate that this case may be heard at principal seat of this Court at Islamabad. The office isdirected to place this matter before the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan for necessary orders.”


There after it was transferred back to main registry, Islamabad with the order of former Judge.


Crl.Misc.P.No.  2-K/2006

Recovery of Abductee

This case was filed by the Misri Ladhani, Father of Neelum Ladhani for the Recovery of Abductte namely Neelum Ladhani.


Notices issued by the orders of the Court.

This case was registered by the order of HCJ on 17.05.2006 and his lordship also directed to recover and produce Neelum Ladhani in safe custody before this Court on 19.05.2006.Subsequently the abductee was produced before the Court on 19.05.2006 and police authorities were directed to take Mst.Neelum Ludhani and respondent Ajmal Shehzad in safe custody in Islamabad and lodge them at National Police Academy and will be produced on 23.05.2006 before Bench No.I. The case was again fixed on 23.05.2006 and they were allowed to continue to stay in safe custody. The case was finally disposed of on 25.05.2006 with the direction that Neelam Ladhani is allowed to go with her husband Anjum Shahzad.





(CPLA No.1079 of 2006)

Custody of Child of duel nationality holder  namely Misbah Ahmed Rana (Custody of Minor)

This case was filed by                Mr. Arshad Ali Chaudhry,AOR on behalf of Mr. Sajjad Ahmed Rana father of the Child.


Courtof HCJ.

This case was a regular Civil Petition for leave to appeal, which was filed against the impugned judgment of the Lahore High Court, Lahore and was registered as C.P.No.1079/2006. First time this case was fixed before the Court of HCJ on 08.12.2006 and it was directed to maintain the status-quo and Minor would not be removed from the territory of Pakistan. Later on it was fixed on 10.01.2007 before the same Bench and the Minor was allowed to have telephone call with her mother at any time with her mother during the pendency of the petition. Finally it came up for hearing before the Court of HCJ on 17 & 18 January, 2007 and the Civil Petition was converted into Appeal and stood disposed of on the basis of compromise between the parties, the mother of the Minor was also allowed to visit the Minor and before traveling to Pakistan she would intimate to the Registrar of this Court and stay in Lahore and the expenditure of the traveling in Pounds will be paid by the petitioner i.e. father of the Minor.