Mr. Justice Syed Hasan Azhar Rizvi

Justice Syed Hasan Azhar Rizvi was born on 2nd February 1962 in Karachi; initially graduated with Bachelors in Science, and then went on to study law. After completing his LL.B., he also did his LL.M.

He started his practice in 1988, after his enrolment as an Advocate of the Subordinate Courts on 8th of October 1988; High Courts of Pakistan on 1st December 1990; and Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan on 18th January 2003.

Justice Rizvi has served as an Advocate for multiple state organizations, a few of them are as follows:

  • National Bank of Pakistan (10th January 1991 – date of elevation to the Bench)
  • Karachi Port Trust (10th October 1991 – date of elevation to the Bench)
  • Port Qasim Authority, Karachi (2002 – date of elevation to the Bench)

In addition to litigation, he also undertook advisory work as part of his practice. He has served as an advisor to Karachi Electric Supply Corporation, Balochistan Particle Board Limited, Habib & Sons (Pvt.) Limited, Partico (Pvt.) Limited etc. He was also a part-time lecturer at the Law Department of Federal Government Urdu Law College, Karachi.

Justice Rizvi was elevated to the Bench at the High Court of Sindh on 18th February 2010. He mostly decided cases pertaining to commercial, civil, tax, and service matters. He was entrusted with additional duties by various Chief Justices of the High Court. The following are a few of the committees on which he served:

  • Chairman – Selection Committee for Promotion
  • Chairman – Enrolment Committee for Advocates (Sindh)
  • Chairman – Rule Committee (Civil)
  • Chairman – Development Committee
  • Chairman – Committee to Determine Inter-Se Seniority of Judges
  • Chairman – Clinic Committee
  • Member – Administration Committee
  • Member – Selection Board

In addition to the above committees, he was tasked with monitoring and inspecting of judicial work, including scrutiny of judgments by the following Courts/Tribunals in Karachi (Central): Commercial Courts; Environmental Protection Tribunal; and Anti-Corruption Courts

He served as a Judge of the High Court of Sindh, before taking his oath as the Judge of the Apex Court of the country on 11th November 2022.