To minimize spread of Corona Virus, Supreme Court of Pakistan has been issuing circulars, guidelines and advisories from time to time for staff, lawyers, litigants and security personnel in Court offices all over Pakistan. Keeping in view the sensitivity and seriousness of the issue the following additional preventive measures in vicinity of Supreme Court Building have been taken with view to avert the potential threat of infection to Hon’ble Judges, staff, lawyers, litigants and security staff.

  1. To take stock of the preventive measures at High Courts, District Courts level, Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed has called emergency meeting of National Judicial Policy Making Committee (NJPMC) on Thursday, 19.03.2020 at 4:00 pm at Supreme Court Islamabad to discuss the issue at length and devise effective strategy for the Courts.
  2. As a part of additional precautionary measures, litigants represented by their counsels have been advised to avoid entering in Supreme Court premises to escape overcrowding. However, Respondents and in-person petitioners/ parties may attend the court as and when summoned.
  3. In Supreme Court Building, wash basins along with liquid soap dispensers have been installed at all entry gates so that people can enter into the building after washing/cleansing their hands.
  4. Fumigation has been done to dis-infect the building.
  5. Biometric attendance of the staff has been suspended.
  6. Medical Staff has been deputed at all entry points to monitor the temperature of every person regularly through Infrared Thermometers while entering in the Supreme Court Building.
  7. Employees have been advised to wash their hands properly prior to joining their work or after receiving any file or document and avoid shaking hands/physical contact with office colleagues and use face masks.
  8. Sanitizer dispensers have been installed in nook and corner of the building.