Human Rights Cell

To provide an expeditious and inexpensive remedy in matters relating to infringements of Fundamental Rights enshrined in Chapter II of the Constitution, a Human Rights Cell has been established in the Court. The Cell functions under the direct supervision of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan. It is mandated to expeditiously process the complaints and grievances received from the general public by post addressed to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Reports and comments are called from the concerned quarters under the orders of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan and the matters disposed of. The cases requiring hearing are fixed in Court and are decided there. Relief is provided to the poor persons without going through the traditional protracted litigation process.
The public interest litigation in this form paved way for bringing various statutory reforms in matters of general public importance, e.g., the enactment of the Human Organ Transplantation Ordinance 2007, Prohibition of Smoking at Public Places Ordinance, etc.

Quick provision of relief to the common man without any expense has generated a high degree of trust and confidence of the general public in the judiciary as a whole and the apex Court in particular. The Human Rights exercise has also played a pivotal role in eliminating social evils like Vani, Karo-Kari, dangerous kite-flying etc, which were rampant in the society to the detriment of the common man.