A meeting of Committee constituted by the Chief Justice of Pakistan/ Chairman Judicial Commission of Pakistan on 4th December 2023 to review Judicial Commission of Pakistan Rules 2010 convened today i.e. 16.12.2023 under the co-chairmanship of Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice (Retired) Manzoor Ahmed Malik. The following members of the Committee/Judicial Commission of Pakistan attended the meeting:

  1. Mr. Justice Nadeem Akhtar, Senior Puisne Judge, High Court of Sindh
  2. Mr. Justice Muhammad Hashim Khan Kakar, Senior Puisne Judge, High Court of Balochistan
  3. Mr. Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim, Senior Puisne Judge Peshawar High Court
  4. Mr. Justice Shehzad Ahmed Khan, Senior Puisne Judge Lahore High Court Lahore
  5. Mr. Mansoor Usman Awan, Attorney General of Pakistan
  6. Mr. Akhtar Hussain Senior Advocate Supreme Court representative of Pakistan Bar Council
  7. Mr. Zia Ul Hassan Lanjar, Advocate Supreme Court, representative of Sindh Bar Council
  8. Mr. Rahib Khan Buledi, Advocate Supreme Court, representative of Balochistan Bar Council
  9. Mr. Ahmed Farooq Khattak, Advocate Supreme Court, representative of KPK Bar Council
  10. Qazi Rafeuddin Babar, Advocate Supreme Court, representative of Islamabad Bar Council.

The Committee discussed its mandate, that is, to propose such rules of procedure for the Commission which comply with the collegial and inclusive decision-making process enshrined in Article 175A of the Constitution. The Committee deliberated on the process of calling nominations and meeting of the Commission, procedure for initiating nomination for Supreme Court Judges, High Court Judges and Federal Shariat Court Judges, representation of Advocates and Judicial Officers in High Court appointments, diversity in High Court appointments, criteria for determining merit, procedure and criteria for confirmation of Additional Judges and establishing a secretariat of the Commission.

The Committee also resolved to finalize the draft Rules on 29th December, 2023.