An undated 7 page application with 77 pages (“the document”) was received in the office of the Chief Justice of Pakistan on 1st December, 2023 at 12.25 pm.

The document comprises of a typed application, tabulated tables and photocopies, altogether 84 pages, bound in a yellow paper-book, the kind used for filings in the Supreme Court; the identity and contact details of the advocate who prepared the document does not appear in the document. As per the envelope, the document was couriered by “Intazar Hussian Panjutha (Adv)”.

Misgivings also arise when the political party on whose behalf the document has ostensibly been sent is well represented by advocates. Only recently its advocates conducted two significant cases in the Supreme Court, on the military courts and on the elections.

Surprisingly, before receiving the document (in a sealed envelope), it had already been distributed to the media.

Let all be assured that Justice Qazi Faez Isa, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, is fully cognizant of his constitutional duties and will neither be pressurised nor favour anyone, and by the Grace of the Almighty shall continue to fulfil his duties and abide by the oath of his office.