​In the meeting of the Chief Justice and senior pusine Judge with the elected representatives of the Pakistan Bar Council and Supreme Court Bar Association, the elected representatives requested that the monthly proposed cause list be issued to enable the ASCs, AOR and the parties to fully prepare their cases and to attend the Court. Conceding to the said request every effort will be made to issue the proposed cause list in advance for four weeks falling within the month. The proposed cause list for the four weeks commencing from Monday, 2 October,2023 has been issued. The proposed cause list is available on the Supreme Court’s website (www.supremecourt.gov.pk), adjustments therein may be requested as mentioned therein.

In the interest of transparency, the number of cases filed each week and disposed by the Supreme Court will also be issued. From Monday, 18 September 2023 to Friday, 22 September, both days inclusive, 225 cases were filed and 205 (excluding CMAs) were disposed of.