The Chief Justice and Senior Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court invited the Attorney-General for Pakistan, Advocates-General, Prosecutors-General of the provinces and of the National Accountability Bureau.

The Chief Justice welcomed the participants and pointed out that the largest litigants in the Supreme Court are the Federal and provincial governments, which makes their law officers a crucial component of Pakistan’s legal system, but one that has historically had little say in how the system operates.

Every law officer was in turn called upon to provide suggestions for improving the efficiency and working of the Supreme Court.

The law officers appreciated the issuance of the monthly cause list for October 2023 and hoped that this practice would continue. They also pointed out that supplementary cause lists are issued very late and they are not given sufficient time to prepare their cases. They were assured that their concern would be considered. Other valuable suggestions were made, some of which were accepted, and others would be examined.

The law officers thanked the Chief Justice and Senior Puisne Judge for hosting the meeting, which they said was a first of its kind. Later, conceding to the request of the participants, a group photograph was taken.